Transporting shipping containers across Queensland

Vulcan hauling shipping containers for coal mine

Vulcan Tilt Haulage specialises in the sale, rental and transport of shipping containers all across Queensland. This week, we transported two large shipping containers out to a local Coal Mine for storage, whilst they refurbish the decor of their village. Another two containers were delivered to Woorabinda to assist in the animal proofing of their…

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Qantas History taken for a ride.

Vulcan Tilt Haulage towing Quantas Machinery

Vulcan Tilt Haulage’s latest endeavour was towing of a Qantas motorised air-stair on its way for some much needed TLC. My guess is it is about 60 years old and probably goes back to the days of DC3’s, DC4’s and even Constellations. Our 8 meter tow truck can handle up to 5 tonnes of weight…

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Rescuing Bogged Delivery Vehicle in Emerald

Bogged Delivery Truck Rescue in Emerald, Queensland

Not all the recent rain has made for a welcome environment, and one delivery van learned a lesson about taking heavy vehicles on soggy dirt roads. Vulcan Tilt Haulage was called in to rescue a supermarket deliver van bogged down in an uphill black-soil track. Past experience helped save the day, with our truck left…

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Want the ultimate Esky? Try Refrigerated Containers!

Refrigerated Shipping Container for Sale in Emerald

Looking for the Ultimate Esky? We have just listed 2 used – but in very good condition – Refrigerated 20ft Containers for sale at $12,500.00 each plus GST = $13,750.00 total each ex Emerald. These units are in very good condition. They have just been given the once over and both passed with flying colours.…

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More containers added to Vulcan Tilt Haulage stock

Containers: 20ft (6 metre) Side-opening Hicube

Thinking outside the box. Containers come in many shapes and sizes. Well, many layouts and sizes to be more precise. This August we have added an 8ft, a 10ft hicube, a side-opening 20ft hicube, a 20ft hicube and a 20ft converted office to our stock. The office conversion was a bit of a hit with…

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Changes to Queensland Towing Industry

Vulcan Tilt Haulage is an accredited towing service

Recent changes to the Queensland Towing Industry will see the tightening of regulations for transport industry operators. Only legally accredited towing service operators will be permitted to perform private towing operations using licensed towing vehicles. The list of changes includes important stipulations, such as: Private property towing performed in regulated areas may only be done…

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