Changes to Queensland Towing Industry

Recent changes to the Queensland Towing Industry will see the tightening of regulations for transport industry operators. Only legally accredited towing service operators will be permitted to perform private towing operations using licensed towing vehicles. The list of changes includes important stipulations, such as:

  • Private property towing performed in regulated areas may only be done by an accredited towing service (by accredited drivers and assistants using licensed tow trucks).
  • Accredited Towing services who perform towing from private property must have towing consents showing an arrangement with the occupier to remove vehicles from the property.
  • Tow truck operators must notify the Queensland Police Service when a vehicle is removed from private property as soon as practicable after removing the vehicle.
  • Conduct requirements will be imposed on tow truck licensees to ensure all drivers take reasonable steps to locate motorists before loading a vehicle onto a tow truck. As well as measures to stop drivers and assistants intimidating, abusing or insulting drivers.
  • Vehicles removed from private property must be taken, by the most direct route to the licence holder’s nearest approved holding yard.
  • Maximum towing charges will apply for a standard private property tow ($250), the on-site release of a vehicle ($150) and storing a vehicle ($25 per day) as well as prohibiting the charging of call-out fees and charges such as administration fees.
  • New measures will be implemented to safeguard motorists’ privacy.

Vulcan Tilt Haulage is staying abreast of these changes, and you can be assured that we are a fully accredited towing service. All our vehicles meet or exceed industry standards and have been properly accredited for all towing, haulage and transport operations in the Emerald and greater Queensland region.

To read more about the industry changes, check out the Queensland Government Website.

To book a towing service, or to ask questions about our capabilities, contact us! You can also speak to us about shipping container sales or hire.

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